We are an organization that focuses on promoting family foundation, self-sufficiency, mental health wellness and education. Our mission is to rebuild, uplift and empower our community and the people who live in it. We build trusting relationships with entire family unit to strengthen its foundation and the community.

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What We Do

What We Do

Through our interaction, we promote crime prevention, conflict resolution, suicide prevention and crisis intervention. We offer community resources such as crisis assistance, food pantries, household cleaning supplies and community feeds.

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Our Programs

Bridge the Gap: Mental/Behavioral Health Services including Crisis and Grief Therapy at no cost for individuals, families or groups. Appointments within 24-48 hours. Additional assistance is provided for long-term care through agency partnerships.

It Takes a Hood: Annual 20 week program from May- October and monthly from November to April. Each session serves youth and families with food, recreation, resources and mentorship. We promote unity, self-love, and violence prevention. Designed and facilitated by Sherman Wells and family.

Piece of Mind Therapeutic Art: Focuses on art therapy by building a new coping mechanism centered around creation through various art forms. Whether the art form be ceramics, photography, or literature, we will offer a curriculum for healing to Youth. Designed and facilitated by Lyn’Asia Valentine

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Our Programs

Sandra L. Swait Scholarship

In honor of Sandra L. Swait, USN Retired, this event is a true celebration of our past, present and future. It is an opportunity to honor those who have contributed and helped shape our community through Education, Business, Community Services and Advocacy. Every year, we are thrilled to present our honorees with such distinguished, well-deserved awards and scholarships.

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Sandra L. Swait Scholarship

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We have designed our organization to serve as a community hub for the smaller organizations that also serve our community. We will offer training and resources to those groups that would otherwise not have access to funding or support. We work with larger organizations to provide training and community events on a broader scale.