What We Do

Through our interaction, we promote crime prevention, conflict resolution, suicide prevention and crisis intervention. We offer community resources such as crisis assistance, food pantries, household cleaning supplies and community feeds.

Our youth services include mentorship, counseling, conflict resolution, and youth events. Through our interaction we teach and promote violence prevention, suicide prevention and provide crisis intervention. We meet our youth where they are at by entering their environment without judging. We relate to their situations to build a relationship.

Our youth lacks trust that needs to be restored. Our mentors are trained to listen first and then offer solutions. By offering a safe space to interact and have fun, individuals are more open to receiving help and guidance. We offer a welcoming environment by hosting family and community events.

We offer needed resources with no strings. We meet basic needs that are followed by providing mental/behavioral health assistance to unpack traumas and heal. We can teach self-sufficiency with career, trades and entrepreneurial training.